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Our office was founded in Cowansville in 1962 by Paul Gaumond who started alone with an assistant in the district of Bedford. In 1967, his eldest son Jean-Paul joined the team, then added his brother Armand a few years later. In 1978, Jean-Paul Gaumond took over the business and expanded it with the opening of a new office in the city of Granby. In 1980, it was the turn of his wife, Lisette, to join the team as bailiff. A little later, it was then their daughter Martine who joined the family business in 1989.

Even today, GAUMOND ET ASSOCIÉS continues to be directed by Martine Gaumond and at the beginning of the year 2000, Terence Drummond and Louis Martin joined the company. All the associates are passionate about their profession and put all their efforts into it in order to serve their clientele with the same personal and professional values. The partners are also all involved within their professional order in different functions.



Martine Gaumond, h.j. Partner

Member of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Quebec since 1989, she has been a member of the Disciplinary Council and of the Order Arbitration Committee for more than 10 years. She was also previously a member of the board of directors of her professional order.

Louis Martin, h.j. Partner

Member of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Quebec since 1996, he has been involved in the Professional Inspection Committee for over 15 years as an inspector and secretary of the committee. He also teaches the profession to future candidates and is notably a member of several advisory committees over the years on the various reforms of the exercise of the profession. In particular, he received the Merit Award from the Interprofessional Council of Quebec, which is awarded on the recommendation of a professional order in order to highlight the career of one of its members who has distinguished himself by his contribution to the service of his profession and his order.

Terence Drummond, h.j. Partner

Member of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Quebec since 1996, he has been a very active member on the board of directors of the professional order of Bailiffs of Quebec for more than 5 years. He is currently our vice-president! In addition, he sits on the Governing Committee and he is also the Chairman of the Human Resources Committee, thus ensuring the protection of the public.

Frédéric Gauthier, h.j.

Member of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Quebec since 2008, he has worked in our study since the beginning of his profession.

Noémie Bousquet, h.j.

Newly admitted to the profession in January 2020, she joined our study in particular as a trainee in legal technique and then a bailiff trainee to practice the profession among our study. Although new to the profession, she is already involved with the Committee of young judicial officers of Quebec.

Andréanne Tremblay

Paralegal, Administrative Assistant.


At GAUMOND ET ASSOCIÉS, our bailiffs are committed to carrying out their work with dedication, rigor and integrity, it is in our values. We have extensive experience in all areas of the profession and our working methods scrupulously follow the recommendations of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Quebec. The trust that we have created with our customers is the key to our success.

Over these 60 years of exemplary results, we have established our reputation throughout the district of Bedford and throughout the legal community of Quebec, in particular by staying on the lookout for changes in the profession. Our team of bailiffs works efficiently to deal with each case as quickly and professionally as possible.

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